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The app for QING

- 2019 

- Interactive Design 

This is a tribute to the often neglected language of people with cerebral palsy. Despite the challenges of normal communication, people with cerebral palsy have their own unique way of expressing themselves, and it is important that people take time to learn and understand this. 


By creating a platform that allows caregivers to monitor the condition of the ones they take care of who have language barriers and communicate more effectively, I hope to bridge the communication gap that often exists between people with cerebral palsy and their caregivers. It can be used in both handheld terminals (for caregivers) and clock terminals (for patients). 


As an innovative tool, my application represents a new way of thinking about disability and communication. By embracing the language of people with cerebral palsy, I try to create a more inclusive society that values ​​the diversity of human expression.

Works about Qing:

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