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The Special Education School

- 2021

- Sandbox Game


This is a game-based work to promote awareness and support for special populations. I created a meta-universe in this game where players can develop and build better rules and environments for disabled people.


Players can make some characters and scene models, such as rehabilitation centers and school buildings, to create more inclusive and accessible environments for special populations in this work. They can also advertise, visit exhibitions, and provide specialized medical equipment and wearable aids to improve the quality of life for those living in these "dark areas."


I want proceeds from the game to be made public on the website and used to advance the project and related volunteer activities. The game serves as a way to promote awareness and generate support for special populations while also allowing players to actively participate in creating a more inclusive and accessible world.


The project, suspended at the end of 2021, faced technical and implementation issues, limited update capacity for background research, and ethical and copyright issues. It becomes a beautiful vision to be opened one day again, both in the Metaverse and the real world.

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