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Yimei(Emair) Zhu

[Ee-may zh-oo]

Yimei's name, inspired by the “The book of odes and hymns”—by the flowing waters of life, she continually seeks, pursues, and creates her own forms of beauty.

China | US


Artist Statement

Yimei(Emair) Zhu is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on Senses, Posthumanism, and Perspective Transformation. Her work explores deficiencies and imperfections from an unconventional perspective. She invites viewers to see limits not as limitations but as unique modes of experiencing the world.

Art, in Emair's view, is a powerful means to tackle complex challenges, creating connections across various disciplines. Employing a broad spectrum of media, from traditional writing and imagery to the avant-garde realms of coding, interactive installations, game design, and bio-art, her goal is to upend conventional narratives and use art as a catalyst for understanding and innovation.


Emair's vision propels art beyond simple expression. It's about forging new ways of sensing, feeling, and interacting with our world by integrating technology with our corporeal existence. She aims to provide a possibility—to further explore a new world we have never envisioned before or rediscover the senses we have forgotten. 

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