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- 2021

- Short flim


This short film is a satirical look at the impact of identity perception on personality. Through ambiguity, darkness and absurdity, it exposes the profound psychological trauma felt by children growing up under policy restrictions. Based on oral interviews with people who have experienced it, the film calls on policymakers to consider the impact on the human psyche when developing such policies. The seriousness and urgency of addressing these identity-related issues in society are emphasized.


This work is inspired by the problems that individuals and families face in obtaining disability documentation and migration. Proving a person's disability requires providing a medical certificate from over 20 years ago, purchasing a 5 square meter property, and getting the signature of a disabled person who is incapable of giving their consent. This process highlights the flaws in a system that prioritizes connections and money over the needs and rights of disabled individuals and their families. 

The film aims to draw attention to the issue of human rights, and the need for more inclusive policies that take into account the complex realities of people's lives. It highlights the importance of empathy, understanding, and human connection in creating a more just and equitable world.

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截屏2021-12-01 03.45.08.png
截屏2021-12-01 03.45.05.png

 Personnel of Chapter 1          

Yimei Zhu
Yingmin Yu 

 Written by.     
Yimei Zhu 

Chaoyi Zhu 

Father  Lilu Wan 
Mother  Huiwen Ren
First-child  Shiyuan Tang
Second-child  Foxin Liu 
Pet dog  Huige
Card player A  Shiyaun Tang 
Card player B  Peisheng Wang 
Card player C  Ganquan Tan 

Hanxiang Cai 

 Video grapher      

Hanxiang Cai 

Hanxiang Cai 

Weijian Yao 
Daniel Eisenberg 
Hua Ouyang
Yuran Lin
Ze Wang
Yujia Huang
Zhexian He
Zaiyan Chen
Jianming Huang

love is for everyone, Nate Young/Wolf Eyes

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