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Last updated: 03.26.2023

Internet Resources

3D/ Unity/ Blender

-3D Modelling Software

Blender, Maya


-Unity Asset Store (3d models, materials, textures, plugins etc)


-Photogrammetry Tools


-Free Libraries:


-Sound and Folio

Scientific/educational Libraries:


-Paid Libraries:

Humanoid Modeling and Library:




-More Resources:

-Blender Resources:

· resources

· tutorials

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Youtuber: Blender GuruCG CookieCG GeekDucky 3DGleb Alexandrov


Rudradutt Ranade

Interesting Website 
Surveillance Camera Man 1-8

· General Electronic Supply -  AdafruitSparkfunDigikey Links to an external siteMouser
· Fabrics & Fibers - 

Less EMF: conductive fabric, thread, Velcro, paint, ex-static fabric – USA (flectron)

Sparkfun E-Textiles: conductive fabric, thread, electrical components, microcontrollers - USA

Adafruit Wearables: conductive fabric, thread, electrical components, microcontrollers - USA

Madiera USA: silver plated conductive thread - good for embroidery - USA

Tinsel Trading Company: vintage metal threads and fabric - USA
· Tapes - 

Grainger Supply: conductive tape (also found at many other distributors)

Electron Microspy: conductive tapes
· Paint & Ink - 

Bare Conductive Paint

Amazing Magnets: ferrofluids

Millipore Sigma: conductive screen prtintable silver inks and graphite-based pastes

Chemtronics: conductive pen

Elemental Scientific: carbon graphite powder

LESSEMF: Conductive Paint

· Other Conductive Materials - 

Briwax: metal wool

Zoflex: conductive rubber

Metalliferous: metal, tools, beads, supplies for jewelry making

Silicone Coated Wire: soft, flexible, insulated stranded wire

· Fusible - 

AllStitch LLC: Spray On Fusible Web

Heat N Bond: Fusible sheet

Fray Check: helps with sealing conductive thread knots

Red Rock Threads: fusible, invisible and water soluble thread

Aleene’s Flexible Stretchfabric Glue: great as insulator for conductive fabric

Sulky: Sulky Sticky Self-Adhesive Tear-Away Stabilizer

· Sensors - 

Flexpoint: bend and flex sensors

Interlink Electronics: force-sensitive resistors and touchpads

Piezo Systems: piezo elements

Xsens: motion, orientation and position measurements

· Actuators - 

Products that Glow: thermochromic & UV reactive pigment

Art N Glow: thermochromic pigment

Matsui: thermochromic pigments, aroma, ink, photopis, a UV light sensitive photochromic ink

Heating Pad

Thermoelectric Cooler

Robot Shop: Shape Memoy Alloy / Muscle Wire

Dynalloy: Shape Memoy Alloy / Muscle Wire

· Materials Research // Outside of US - 

Syscom Advanced Materials

Lamé Lifesaver: silver conductive thread – Canada

Material Connexion: innovative materials lexicon

TITV Greiz: Elitex, a silver coated yarn – Germany

Metalline: conductive fabric – Korea

Bekaert, Threads, Fabrics: highly electrically conductive spun yarn – Belgium

Karl Grimm: conductive thread – Germany

Lumigram: fiber optic fabric - France

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Kristin McWharter, Douglas Rosman, Christine Shallenberg

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