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- 2019

- Projection, performance 


"Gaga" explores the inner world of Qing who has cerebral atrophy. The images are abstract and surreal, and the shapes and colors represent her emotional state. With the help of visual elements and immersive sound design, the viewer is transported into the imaginary world of the subject, where Qing's fears and anxieties come to life.


This work is Inspired by a medical incident of my sister, who suffers from brain atrophy. Due to the irresponsibility of the doctor, who administered medication without a thorough examination or even face-to-face observation, Qing developed very strong allergic symptoms. Her whole body felt like being stuck with tens of thousands of needles, rolling her eyes and was unable to sleep or relax for more than 8 days.


I aim to raise awareness of people's experiences with cerebral atrophy and the importance of ensuring their health protection to reflect on how society marginalizes them. The piece considers the importance of empathy and compassion, highlights the struggles and challenges people face with neurological disorders, and raises awareness of the potential dangers of medications if they are not correctly diagnosed and managed.

Works about Qing:

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