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Technoskeleton I: CNS Wave Testing


- 2022

- Wearable


Human skin, fat and muscles encase hard bones to protect our internal organs, while providing flexibility and mobility. I am incredibly fascinated by the physiology of insects - hard exoskeletons covering soft internal organs that protect them from physical stress and predators.


In this piece, I explore the idea of using rugged protection to protect the soft central nervous system by designing a wearable device that mimics the structure of an insect exoskeleton. This wearable device embodies an exciting intersection between biology and technology, creating a new form of human protection.


The exoskeleton is placed on the body of the "host" and protects the nerve impulse device, ensuring the stable transmission of signals. I use 4-6 wires to transmit electric shock commands through an online controller miming a centrally controlled nervous system.


Technoskeleton I was designed to be used in conjunction with other works, such as "Wind Wave". I wore Technoskeleton I. The audience clicked the "Let's see the wind wave" button during the live performance triggering the electric shock. The electric shock caused my facial muscles to twitch in an uncontrolled response, creating a visual and physical reaction that became part of the performance.

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