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Don't touch me


- 2022

- Wearable device


The "Don't Touch Me" project is a wearable device designed to simulate the sensation of touching sunflower fluff. Inspired by the sunflowers I cultivate, the device aims to evoke the sense of touch in a world that is often dominated by visual stimuli. The device has a pressure sensor that, when touched, activates an alarm system. I encourage people to experience the world through touch and to appreciate the sense of touch that is often overlooked in our visually-centered society. Even if it's just touching a small flower.

Other wearable works:

IMG_0862 3.heic
IMG_0861 3.heic
IMG_0875 3.heic
IMG_1258 3.JPG


  I planted sunflowers in May.  
  The flowers only bloomed in August.  
  I like to touch the fuzzy hairs while they are sunbathing.  
  Fingertips, touching.  
  They are saying, don't touch me.  

  Don't touch me.  


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