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 You are beautiful 

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- None of those videos is recorded, and everything runs host side.

- When you are close to the camera and the inner eye angle is less than 8mm, the web page will store your album in your host and you can choose to save or delete it yourself.
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- 2022
- Interactive installation

This is my second project about low-vision groups, which explores the intersection of technology and accessibility. The focus is on making the visual world more inclusive for the blind community. The screen on the left presents a view of what a person who is not totally blind would see if they were affected by light; the screen on the right transforms the outline of the portrait on the left into dots; and also, the image is printed and stamped with the dots of a Braille image through a printer that has been programmed to do so.


This work challenges traditional notions of "seeing" and "visualization" by offering an alternative way for people to experience art and images - by touching them with their hands. Through this work, sighted people can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that blind people face in their daily lives, while blind people can have a new, more inclusive way of accessing visual content in art.

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