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- 2023
- Installation

"SEE MORE GREEN" is a wall-mounted installation: an eye crafted from woven materials, its iris a lush expanse of "green foliage." Its inspiration traces back to my childhood eye exams, during which my ophthalmologist would consistently advise me to look into the distance and at greenery.

Indeed, this practice has been shown to slow the onset and progression of myopia in children. Yet, it does not prevent the unavoidable intensification of hereditary nearsightedness that comes with aging—this is my personal testament. Despite immersing myself in verdant landscapes and a diet rich in carrots, my vision has continued to decline in tandem with my physical development.

This piece is an invitation for people to engage in understanding and kind-hearted dialogue. "SEE MORE GREEN" is not merely a title, but a statement on perception, reality, and the elements of green that are beyond our control.

This piece is for sale:

Handmade knitting + LED color changeable light box + mirror sticker = SEE MORE GREEN

Other works about low-vision group: 

SEE MORE GREEN-Yimei Zhu2.jpg
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