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- 2022

- Bio art, sound, performance

- Yimei Zhu, Yousif Alzayed, Ben Glass


SlimeVolt challenges our relationship with technology by incorporating biological components into our systems to foster a caring relationship with electronics. We feel that the trajectory of computer systems is highly consumptive and energy-dependent; we promote physical systems with biological components to look towards nature on a small and personal scale. 

SlimeVolt is a new kind of collaborative organization that calls upon artists and makers to disrupt the contemporary technology paradigm by fusing biology with DIY electronics. We started experimenting with Physarum polycephalum, a slime mold used commonly in laboratory settings, to create a collaborative musical instrument that requires care to function. We created a system that plugged our slime mold cultures into existing electronic instruments that are accessible and recognizable within the DIY electronics and sound communities. Our mission is to spread ideas around fusing electronics with nature to artists, makers, and technologists, creating a new relationship with technology centered around care and symbiosis.



Experiment Process