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Never Awake

- 2024
- Game/Video

"Never Awake" encapsulates a decade-long journey of personal archaeology through 423 documented dreams, spanning significant socio-historical shifts from 2015 to 2024. This project intricately merges textual records with AI-generated imagery in Unity to craft a unique narrative, challenging the dichotomy between individual significance and the collective narrative. Participants traverse dreamlike landscapes, engaging with themes of environmental, technological, and socio-political change. It underscores human consciousness's resilience, urging deeper reflection on our historical continuum's place and the indelible marks of our time. "Never Awake" elevates dreams as fake historical archives, offering insights into the interplay between personal experiences and collective journeys. Bedrock grinds against our sublime irony and perennial anthropology of deprivation, how can we examine whether we sleep without awake?

The methodology behind "Never Awake" represents an innovative fusion of narrative creation, AI, and game development. Textual excerpts from a decade of dream records are randomly selected to form new stories, which are then visually interpreted through AI-trained images. These images serve as the foundation for creating immersive, interactive experiences within the Unity platform. The final step involves capturing these interactive sequences and editing them into a cohesive video narrative. This approach not only blurs the lines between different media but also leverages the strengths of each to explore the complex relationship between personal dreams and collective history.

Never Awake - Timeline

Never Awake 


Beijing's smog crisis, the grand dreams of the youth, the smog will one day clear, but some dreams need to be suppressed.


No need to master self-love or the art of loving another, just a womb pledged in loyalty to time.


7-second video, 5-second transaction, 3-second conversation, 1 second can define the nation.


He proposed on the Latin Bridge where the world war ignited; she said yes. The war faded into memory, but their marriage began as if a battle itself.


Lighting a cigarette sets Notre Dame ablaze, yet it takes 10,000 years to reconstruct a single cell.


Code initiates the program, central power governs thought, a virus invades the body, the world halts in its tracks.


Genes drag their shells together, establishing hierarchy, nobility and commonality, rules and conflicts between the sunset and the moonrise.

艺术在和平时代是无用的,但是现在和平吗? 在面临技术进步和地缘政治变化的世界中快点快点扩大个人界限吧。

Art may seem futile in times of peace, but is it peaceful now? Amidst rapid technological advancements and geopolitical shifts, hasten to expand one's boundaries.


In a world striving for balance and sustainability, migrants blend and are assimilated like liquids in constant flux.


AI rules my mind, guiding my work. I lie in bed watching the world, as it slowly shifts from virtual to reality.


We never awaken.

Never Awake - Timeline

Never Awake

​S1 - Year 2015


Monks in dazzling orange robes, the ground covered in fish. I went to the riverbank, saw cows, not on the ground, but in the sky. I stepped on a snail and mourned it for a whole month. Then, I died. I saw the auroras and marveled at their beauty, suddenly the ground broke and mountains crumbled, a white space filled with black flowers blossomed. I kept running, unable to shake off the dog behind me. I stopped and found myself in a place called "Yi Lan," surrounded by sinister dwarfs. I screamed I'm not Robinson, Friday save me. A long suspension bridge, surrounded by towering mountains, rabbits flying about, a giraffe picked me up, singing "My home lies on the loess plateau, oh~" to receive my takeaway. Mr. Flat became tall, he dragged me running through the desert, all white, a gust of wind, everyone was standing on their hands. Orange lips, open mouth, darkness before my eyes, shit, where is this? Over mountains and hills, only to find it's just your teeth, and I'm too small. Crabs spinning, suddenly its claw grabbed a vine. Red little people everywhere, hopping and running.

S2 - Year 2016


Hospitals everywhere, children crawling on the ground, entering a windowless cabin, an oppressive feeling hits, turning to flee only to find shackles on my feet. Facing the mirror, I turned into a devil. Everyone carrying fluorescent bags, a child's face on a hot air balloon, diapers flying in the sky, people holding dozens of children in line to exchange for money, people spending that money in an amusement park for the elderly, children turned into pickles and wine.

S3 - Year 2017

打开红包算着算着有不一样的纸币,房间里放炮,好多声之后,全部消失变成了数字和符号。灰色围巾里藏着一个问题:人为什么一定要读书?一只鹿站在树边看着屋内,晚上六点半之后就要关门关灯,不然留守那一块的鬼就会出来害你!当然,每个房间的物品是不被允许拿到另一个房间的。屋子外面是白色的外墙 我们一直跑,一直想跑出来……母亲往上爬的时候开了电闸,于是他又被电了,又死了一个人,这次是个孩子,忙碌于在手机上切土豆片和猪肉排。

Opening the lucky money, counting different bills, fireworks in the room, after many sounds, all vanished into numbers and symbols. A gray scarf hides a question: Why must people read books? A deer stands by the tree, watching the house, after 6:30 p.m. the doors must close and lights shut off, or the ghosts left behind will come out to harm you! Of course, taking items from one room to another is not allowed. Outside the house is a white wall, we kept running, trying to escape... When mother climbed up and turned on the power switch, she was electrocuted, another death, this time a child, busy slicing potatoes and pork chops on the phone.

S4 - Year 2018


A long street, a queue for checkout so very long, we all crouched and crawled forward. Inside a tree hole, a different world, a red bed, flowing towards the sea, many dark clouds above, a loud boom, the ground began to shake, suddenly a yellow excavator appeared, two little girls holding two quiet white dogs. Gourds soaked in potion, various kinds, when we left the stall we were on a boat, passing through a market, with giant Morandi-colored moons and pink-orange sunsets, unable to distinguish between day and night, capturing a giant airliner and Venetian pointed boats appearing simultaneously in the sky above the water. In the dream, a voice said, "I am your randomly generated universe and galaxy, and you are mine."

S5 - Year 2019


Buses that don't come for ages, horses that can't hide back in the mountains, toilets full of Snoopys, this place has animals! Every time, someone dies, each time differently. Hippos, flamingos, monkeys in cages... The ice is gem-shaped. The mud outside the building reached 33 stories high, breaking through tempered glass into the interior! We bought little fishes, pockets filled with catnip, waiting for cats to take care. My mouth kept repeating 129.42, 129.42, 129.42. Outside, thunder and rain, so I walked into the fish tank I saw across, I was scared, I lit a cigarette, before I could take a puff I was directly transported to the other end of the world, I extinguished the cigarette, I was burned to death in the past's past and the future's future, just like, the Notre Dame de Paris consumed by fire.

S6 - Year 2020


A massive tsunami swept in a bear, which I saw lying down not far away, studying a password, eating an apple it had grown and picked itself. I held a diamond given to me by a wealthy woman, shaking off a group of motorcyclists. Dignified elderly ladies sat in a cafe, using bras as glasses to watch the flag-raising. In a cave, a group of us lived year-round, a naturally formed loophole to avoid the horrors outside. The door was exquisite, made of wood inlaid with metal, beautifully carved. There was a magical material there, a 3D printing material directly used in a hot melt gun, creating long, dark green biological snakes. It looked angrily at the messy magazines, feeling deliberately depicted as ugly.

S7 - Year 2021


Suddenly, thunder and lightning, the moon not looking like a moon, but a red sun. I bought half a large watermelon. Moved into a wildlife park converted from an air force base. Some exits led to other dimensions, but our group couldn't control them well, always causing accidents. I was a hidden assassin, killed a green-skinned woman in the bathroom, rolled her up, and stuffed her into a garbage bag with the floor's tissues. A man opened his shirt, aimed a soft straw at his breast, ants began to suck and even buried their heads in. Midwives came from all directions. Removed a failed fertilized egg, began implanting it into a second man. After the first batch of experiments ended, humans shrank into tiny beings, taking a long time to return to their original size. Waves crashing, the ship swayed left and right, some things turned into monsters, we fought them tirelessly, exhausted. A crocodile attacked me, I ran out of the lab, saw a black peacock, very dark and large. The fortune-teller, with a brush in hand, wrote calligraphy in every corner of the house, a long painting board, painted with seawater, also depicting a large avocado tree discovered during a campaign in the Louis XIV era.

S8 - Year 2022


I rode a motorcycle carrying a cat! Holding a lighter to ignite a small bomb, killing the elder across. I fell backward towards the city, a broken chain still tied around my waist, burnt beams piercing my body. I left it, saw many dead like me. Stubborn dead. We gathered, standing in a white, empty room. Tiptoeing created new landscapes, random, beautiful. The sound of wills being torn and eulogies read halfway filled my ears. War broke out, soldiers fleeing through trenches, as dirty and blood-stained as we were. Tired, but kept walking, crossing a modern architectural bridge. Though war raged not far on one side of the bridge, the other side was bustling, untouched by war, undeveloped land with wild grass, yet irresistibly appealing. In a time of peace, I deeply felt this powerlessness. Working there with a computer, then suddenly seeing a big wave coming, I closed my laptop, prepared to hold my breath, safely by the lake, setting up a tent, turned to see it was all monitored. Holding a duck, then chased by a black chicken, I could only jump back to the island, questioning why there must be definitions of borders and nations.

S9 - Year 2023


Rooms without doors, step in and you sleep, devoid of any ritual. But you don't feel asleep, instead wandering through different dreams, constantly probing, gesturing. In a four-dimensional space, aliens arriving in triangular UFOs set out to save mushrooms, leaping from heights to encounter a black and white striped flying snake? Or dragon? The mushroom's neck is sliced, spurting blood until its last breath. I screamed "no," cried breathlessly, then fainted. In the moment of fainting, I woke from the dream. I gasped for air, struggling to calm down for a long time. The mushroom, drained of blood, turned into a dog with long mouth and white-grey fur. I fought desperately, trying to drive it away, but it desperately tried to squeeze in, transforming into two women fighting in a white palace until my vision blurred, and without the need for physical objects to transform, my sight made the world turn into only colored light rings.

S10 - Year 2024

人工智能在一个木制房子里打猴子,他们设计了一种红外线可以杀人,茶也是。依靠着在蜜蜂在办公室里提取人的dna, 还有草莓和奇异果的dna , 还原了很久之前印度人吃的那种白色面包喂给了山洞悬崖里的一只怪物。还把地狱里许多许多死人复活了过来,把活着的人送到地狱。当他们在花园里用着精准计算打高尔夫的时候,活死人们就需要一直不断捡球,捡到腰疼,再到睡过去,醒过来。

Artificial intelligence beats monkeys in a wooden house, they've designed an infrared that can kill, as can tea. Relying on extracting human DNA in the office with bees, along with the DNA of strawberries and kiwis, they recreated the white bread eaten by Indians long ago and fed it to a monster in a cave cliff. They also resurrected many dead from hell, sending the living to hell. As they played golf in the garden with precise calculations, the living dead had to continuously collect balls, collecting until their backs hurt, then falling asleep, and waking up again.

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