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- 2019

- performance

- Chaoyi Zhu, Yimei Zhu


KONG is a fusion of Chen Tai Chi and dance that explores the interplay of strength and weakness, balance and harmony. We use different props, try to push the limits of what is possible and challenge the limits of body and mind. 


Between dance and martial arts, which are often seen as opposing forces - soft and hard, the goal of the performance is to create a new form of expression that is both independent and interdependent. 


After repeated practice and experimentation, we have discovered that our brain has an incredible ability to adapt and change. By pushing ourselves to our limits, we can rewire our brain's default networks, keeping our bodies and minds in constant growth and development. 


During the creative process, we embrace uncertainty and look for new possibilities, allowing the work to take on a life of its own to create a perceptual world unbound by conventional values ​​and boundaries, which opens up new ways of seeing and experiencing the world around us.


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