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The Way_ Lab Plan

The Way: Lab Plan
​感观共生体:  实验室计划


Interactive wearable installation


I saw disability as an opportunity to grow and create rather than a limitation. So I compare the limits of human capabilities to those of animals and plants, I believe this approach can break down inherent conceptions of the word disability.


By exploring other living things' protective systems and senses, I hope to expand people's understanding of the world around us and challenge conventional ideas about what it means to be disabled or normal. I seek to encourage a deeper appreciation for the diversity and complexity of life on this planet. 


I believe that wearables can be a powerful tool to repair and enhance sensory systems that humans don't have and are untapped to find new worlds with new senses.

Similar Works:


- 1.0:

→Cold-blooded animal eyes - infrared induction helmets;

→Imitation pangolin gloves - crochet craft gloves;

→Imitation fan lizard protection;

→Mechanism - 3D printed neck cover.

- 2.0:

→Imitation pig nose structure - air purification mask;

→Imitation pufferfish protection system - inflatable induction hem;

→Plant warning sound - 0 to 3000Hz audio;

→Leg gear - orthopaedic rehabilitation bracket modification;

→Added mobile power - interactive in the field.

- 3.0:

→Faux chameleon discoloration - AI color recognition;

→Deep sea fish temperature warning - water temperature recognition;

→Addition of a remote wireless system - can interact remotely.

- 4.0:

→Octopus figurative discoloration - AI color capture, gradient changes;

→Addition of a waterproof system within 2 meters - can interact underwater.

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