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2D Game Design Exploration - From Idea to Reality - Summer 2023

Instructor: Yimei Zhu

Valley Ranch Education


“2D Game Design Exploration – From Idea to Reality” is a specialized course designed for students aged 10-18 who have an interest in game development but are new to the field. This course provides a friendly and approachable introduction to the world of game design, with a specific focus on 2D games. The Course Does not require prior programming knowledge, as it introduces students to the exciting potentials of no-code game development platforms. 

Final work website

Alternative Image Capture - Spring 2023

Instructor: William Harper
​TA: Yimei Zhu

Art and Technology Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

ARTTECH 3075-001: Alternative Image Capture

This Alternative Image Capture class will investigate emerging imaging technology and explore the shifts in the functions and discourse of image culture driven by these developments. Work will focus on three main areas: Image generation, capture, and harvest; Image processing, alteration, destruction; Image display, distribution, and sharing. These image generation, capture, processesing, and distribution systems can be put to the service of a wide variety of practices including surveillance, sousveillance, voyeurism and exhibitionism, biological research, behavioral investigations, data collection, and storytelling.

Core Studio Practice I - Fall 2022

Instructor: Alberto Aguilar, Barbarita Polster
​TA: Yimei Zhu

Group B Students: Ishita Amaira Agrawal, Queena Chen, Yuhe Chen, Cherry Cui, Brianna Marie, Yidong Ding, Carly Taylor Gladstone, Alisha Dain Lee, Ria Mohan, Chang Rong, Freesia Shi, Cieneca Jo Cooke

College Arts Access Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
CP 1010-005 | Core Studio Practice I

Core Studio is a year-long team-taught studio course that introduces students to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary art and design practices. Students learn about the methods, materials, tools and concepts in the areas of Surface (2-dimensional), Space (3-dimensional), and Time (4-dimensional), both independently and in relationship to one another. Students develop their own ideas in relation to the materials and themes being presented by faculty. Core Studio integrates the formal with the conceptual, historical with the contemporary, and makes visible the possibilities and variety of approaches in contemporary cultural production.


Instructor: Stevie Cisneros Hanley
​Mentor & TA: Yimei Zhu

Students: Lala Alvarez, Brianna Crystal Dionicio, Heaven Hill, Kelly Kelisha Holloway, Betty Leisen, Elizabeth Leyva, Angel Jose Mendoza, jade Ocampo, 
Ava Ortiz, Anaid Saltos, Jakelinne Verenice Santos 

College Arts Access Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
CSINTER 404-001(2564) | Advanced Projects

This advanced level course focuses on several portfolio-building strategies while students work in the media of their choice (drawing, painting, sculpture, design, video, performance, photography, installation, etc.) with an emphasis on interdisciplinary practice. The class begins by exploring several theme-based assignments, then each student develops their own self-driven final project. In addition, students are shown how to properly document their work, craft artist statements, discuss their work with others, and build/present strong portfolios that fully represent them as artists. 

Game Space and Virtual Environments - Summer 2022

Instructor: Nick Ian Flaherty
​TA: Yimei Zhu

Students: Conrad Chapman, Katherine Farley, Hailey Frazer, Adele Hsu, Libra Kaiser,
Aviyam Trauner
Software: Unity, Maya

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
CSARTECH 404-001 (1034) | Game Space and Virtual Environments

In this course, students will explore and experiment with 3D modeling in game design and animation. The course begins with several exercises to build skills in 3D software and theory, culminating with a final 3D animation or game project based on individual interests. Through the exploration of complex stories embedded within games and animations, students will learn the basics of 3D modeling and game software such as Maya, Unity, and Blender. 

Final work website

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