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Riyan Shet

Riyan Shet, an energetic 11-year-old boy, steps into the world of game design with a curiosity for the unknown. Here, you will witness Riyan's deep exploration of the gaming domain over a month through programming modules. He delved into 2D interactive games, mastering skills such as mouse control, keyboard operations, camera interactions, button functionalities, scene switching, and volume adjustment.

This is not only Riyan's first experience with programming but also his maiden voyage in the realm of game design. He believes that behind every line of code is a heart eager to explore, understand, and innovate. Riyan knows that true creativity often stems from a curiosity about the world and an endless pursuit of knowledge.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or are interested in collaborating, whether with Riyan or Yimei, please feel free to contact us at Let's together witness Riyan's growth footsteps in the journey of game design.

Instructor: Yimei Zhu (

Snake Game

Soccer Game

Jumping ball

Rocket Game

Flying Game

Little Pet

Sea Flighter

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