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Adam 1 in the tiny area 


 - 2018 

 - Interactive Installation 

 - Yimei Zhu, Hantao Lin, Baoren Xiao 


My team and I collected some recycled electronic waste, such as discarded printer motherboards, motors and plastic envelopes to develop an interactive four-legged robot folder. We were inspired by the evolution of cyborgs and futuristic concepts. We created a robot that acts as an interactive tool but also tries to solve the problem of recycling electronic waste.


As a team, we worked to raise awareness of the environmental impact of e-waste when marine organisms will devour microplastic organisms and eventually enter the food chain. We can inadvertently ingest plastic particles from the food we eat. So in the accompanying environmental design, we also used many discarded electronic components to present the long-term impact of plastic on us.


This project demonstrates the rich creativity of organic organisms and the potential for sustainable solutions to environmental problems. By using recycled materials and developing innovative technologies, we can address pressing environmental issues and create something functional and beautiful.

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